IRFAQ - Institute of Formulation, Analysis and Quality Control Research


The Cosmetics Department is part of the very exclusive circle of true innovators in this sector.

Our active monitoring of markets, our constant search for leading edge raw materials, our systematic analysis of market innovations and our expertise in formulation and performance measurement tests are the guarantee of the success of your cosmetic launches:

  • Hair care
  • Skin-care and anti-ageing cosmetics (all galenical forms)
  • Sun-care
  • Hygiene (deodorants, depilatory products, etc.)
  • Toilet soap or syndet bars
  • Perfuming products
  • Environment friendly aerosols, gasless systems, foaming gels, crackling foams,
  • etc.


  • Corneometer
  • Hair-test equipment (natural hair-strand tests)
  • Sensory assessments
  • Odour-test rooms
  • Hair-removing efficiency measurement
  • Colorimetry
  • Profilometry





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