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Paints and varnishes

The Paints and Varnishes Division at IRFAQ places its expert knowledge and specialized equipment at your service. Many players in this sector call on IRFAQ’s know-how to perform tests and develop specific formulations such as:

Tests on paints and varnishes:

  • Determination of complete drying time (ASTM 5895)
  • Determination of through-dry state and through-dry time (NF EN ISO 9117-1:2009)
  • Adhesion test on specific supports in accordance with the cross-cut tests (PR NF EN ISO 2409:2010)
  • Sag resistance test (ASTM D 4400)
  • Comparison of contrast ratio (hiding power) of paint (NF EN ISO 2814:2006)
  • Determination of spreading rate (NF T30-073:1989)
  • Rapid deformation (impact resistance) test (NF EN ISO 6272-2:2002)
  • Wet scrub resistance assessment and cleanability of coating (EN ISO 11998:2006)
  • Determination of formaldehyde in indoor air (ISO 16000-3)
  • In cooperation with partners:
    Determination of VOC emissions (ISO 16000-9) – test chamber method (in accordance with order of May 13, 2011)


Paints :
All types including special formulations:

  • Low VOC paints
  • Paints for temporary road markings
  • Photo-luminescent paints (various colors): general safety, night-time visibility
  • Photo-reflecting paints: for road safety use           
  • Inks and paints with chemical marker or reagent to guarantee origin of marking (guarantee of origin)     

Inks :
  • Cosmetic inks (ephemeral tattoo)
  • Marker inks        

Photo-luminescent varnishes, chalks and textile inks: safety, nautical marker,…

High performance eco-friendly special solvents for tags and graffiti removal, etc. on many different substrates (road signs, concrete façades, metal supports…)


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