IRFAQ - Institute of Formulation, Analysis and Quality Control Research

IRFAQ and you

A research and analysis institute, a partner for your development

Today, who can deny the importance of research as a key factor of a company’s development?

You are aware of this reality and have defined your objectives accordingly:

  • Promote your company’s development by increasing its ability to innovate while keeping your R&D costs under control
  • Measure and optimise the quality of your products
  • Ensure greater responsiveness to market developments

However, innovation cannot be improvised. To keep up with state-of-the-art technology, research requires substantial equipment and human resources.

Carole Neel

What, then, is the solution to adopt? Do you pile up investments or outsource your research?

IRFAQ, an independent structure, enables you to safely choose the second solution. We propose a complete range of services ranging from strategic thinking to industrial development, all the while ensuring a strict level of confidentiality.

We are certified by the Education and Research Ministry, which makes you eligible for the Research tax credit.